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Serviceaide Releases Industry First Knowledge-Centered Virtual Agent

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Luma addresses these challenges using AI technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to serve up the existing knowledge to meet user needs.

FREMONT, CA: Serviceaide, a provider of intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, announces Luma 2.5, the 'first virtual service and support agent streamlined for easy, conversational access to enterprise knowledge and automated services.

Luma Knowledge is vital to Luma Virtual Agent 2.5.  For corporations that require a federated approach to knowledge, Serviceaide provides the Luma Enterprise Knowledge Hub, a self-learning, knowledge-centered service that streamlines the access, creation, reuse, and enhancement of data accessibility to remediate the day-to-day problems of users.   The latest version of Serviceaide's award-winning virtual agent uses knowledge functionality to leverage the power of information. A virtual agent to the knowledge repository will boost the success and adoption of self-service and increase end-user satisfaction.  Besides, there is several new features and functionality to enhance automation and administration.

Most enterprises today are struggling to close a knowledge gap that prevents service and support processes and outcomes. While there is a tremendous amount of knowledge stored in both enterprise systems and people, firms struggle to make it available to end-users, customers, and support teams. Luma 2.5 is the intelligent agent to date in assisting close the knowledge gap. It offers a single point of access through an easy-to-use conversational interface with the intelligence to serve up the correct data to address problems and requests in a consultative manner.

Luma 2.5 harnesses the power of knowledge and information by unifying Serviceaide's AI-powered virtual agent with an enterprise knowledge repository, the Luma Enterprise Knowledge Hub. The combination accelerates and elevates the self-service experience while improving cost efficiency. The launch of Luma 2.5 follows an earlier announcement this year that Serviceaide is pursuing a knowledge improved roadmap.  The introduction of the Luma Enterprise Knowledge Hub and Luma 2.5 demonstrates its commitment to offering knowledge-centered capabilities that enhance service and support.

The Luma Virtual Agent leverages natural language processing and machine learning to create a conversational interface through voice, email, chat, and other channels that understand and proactively navigate users to the answers they seek or fulfill their requests through automated services. Luma's automation and workflow engine can automate several of IT and Enterprise Service Management tasks as diverse as provisioning a virtual machine, onboarding new employees, and managing facilities requests and HR changes.