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ServiceMax to Accelerate Field Service Management with Performance Metrics

By CIOReview | Monday, May 2, 2016

business insights, mobile apps, and workflowsPLEASANTON, CA: Leading provider of cloud-based field service management solutions, ServiceMax has recently unveiled its Spring ’16 product. This latest product launch introduces ServiceMax Service Performance Metrics to develop a clear connection the field service best practices and field service management technology.

Business leaders will gain from the business insights, mobile apps, and workflows with the ServiceMax Spring ’16 field service. Moreover, they will be able to provide the expected outcomes and achieve operational excellence. This will be the first time field service leaders will be able to increase service revenue and efficiency through predefined, easily configurable best practice KPIs, track which they can compare across the business. These business KPIs bestow the insight to track and act on performance over time across product lines, technicians, service teams, accounts, and locations. Data snapshots of the KPIs are provided in an administrative dashboard so that service leaders can regulate time series analysis and easily share insights in whole organization. 

“With our Spring ‘16 release, we’re creating a way for field service organizations to measure their businesses in ways they previously never could,” says Athani Krishnaprasad, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ServiceMax.

With ServiceMax Service Performance Metrics, customers will be able to track and enhance service performance to achieve the output required to attain the objective. ServiceMax is leveraging the industry best practices for business metrics such as attach rate, contract uptime, utilization, first-time fix rate and repeat visit into this Performance Metrics product.

According to the diginomica’s news report based on an interview with Rei Kasai, Senior VP, ServiceMax, “service managers will be able to use the new metrics to see how their teams are performing on parameters such as attach rate, contract uptime, utilization, first-time fix rate and repeat visit. These key performance indicators (KPIs) reflect industry best practices and will help its customers identify and target opportunities to deliver improved outcomes.”