ServiceNow Releases New Platform
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ServiceNow Releases New Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 29, 2021

ServiceNow’s new platform, Now, is a solution to streamline workflow and plant floor operations.

FREMONT, CA: ServiceNow releases its new Now Platform, which includes Manufacturing Connected Workforce that helps streamline workflows and simplify processes on the plant floor. Manufacturers will be able to make greater use of their Industry 4.0 investments, increase the attractiveness of job openings, and lower the danger of staff burnout.

Manufacturers need a connected workforce to cover skill gaps, but implementing new technologies and processes to enable this connected workforce is easier said than done. To help manufacturing companies manage the change and differentiate themselves from their competition, ServiceNow is delivering ample improvements.

Manufacturing Connected Workforce assists manufacturers with digitizing operating operations, such as mapping and visualizing plant systems and processes digitally. Capture institutional information and make it accessible to all — digitally and through a single platform – allowing teams to close skills gaps and preserve institutional knowledge from retiring employees. Encourage collaboration by reducing the time employees spend switching between tools and resources and shrinking the distance between them and the information they need to gain new skills and solve challenges.

“As plant modernization becomes a necessity to accelerate and the skills gap continues to widen, manufacturers are seeking new ways to leverage technology to connect and enable their workforce and digitize, secure, and protect their operations,” says Andrew Caveney, global supply chain partner, EY UK.  “As part of our work with ServiceNow, we are combining EY’s manufacturing industry, supply chain, and cyber expertise with ServiceNow’s industry-leading digital workflows to help our manufacturing clients improve experiences and outcomes across the manufacturing value chain.”

Operational Technology Management, which combines IT systems with operational technology (OT) to fulfill manufacturers' requirement to view, manage, and safeguard vital technology and infrastructure — a demand exacerbated by COVID-19 – is also available today. Manufacturers may increase overall equipment effectiveness and security while lowering costs by linking workers to digital operations and providing them with real-time data on the Now Platform.