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Share Klipfolio Klips and Dashboards with Slack

By CIOReview | Friday, May 20, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Klipfolio, a company providing cloud-based dashboards with automated retrieval features announced its partnership with Slack a messenger application for business communications. The collaboration aims to build seamless team participation—with Klipfolio users sharing their dashboards and data with individual Slack users, groups and channels.

Klipfolio platform is backed by simple and flexible data architecture. It is a dashboard software for teams to continuously monitor the health of their business.  Klipfolio allows users to upload any data source to the dashboard, automate its retrieval, use and reuse data for the team. The Klipfolio dashboard can be connected with database systems such as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, Firebird and DB2. The Klipfolio Slack integration powers the Slack API to share the Klipfolio image together with the optional comments into one or more channels. Users can track metrics such as Latest Slack Messages, Total Running Projects, List of Slack Channels and the Online Status of Users.

"Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their agility and improve communication and collaboration among their teams, which is why many companies, including ours, use Slack," says Allan Wille, Klipfolio's CEO. “With this integration, a snapshot of the data visualization is inserted directly from Klipfolio into the Slack conversation, capturing a moment in time and enabling a meaningful in-Slack discussion,” he adds.

It is imperative for a real-time data monitoring system to have flexible access to consolidated information along with sharing capabilities. With this integration, Klipfolio users will have the advantage of sharing the dashboards they create on Klipfolio with the Slack channels or with individual Slack users. Some of the benefits include—easy sharing of trends, discuss and debate, adding contexts to a situation, and maintaining a corporate record of data-driven discussions.