SharePoint Business Intelligence with Multi-Tenant Capability
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SharePoint Business Intelligence with Multi-Tenant Capability

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Microsoft has outlined its next strategy for SharePoint 2019. Over several sessions, SharePoint It is a big question where Microsoft is? This is answered by Bill Baer, Senior technical product manager of Microsoft SharePoint. New system center 2019 suite will be launched with the support for Windows Server 2019. Microsoft additionally offers a semiannual channel release version of windows server that gets features updated twice in a year.

SharePoint Server 2019, the latest product has a wide range of developments and improvements that are targeted to make it easier to use. This server represents the whole new generation of a SharePoint in the cloud. SharePoint server 2019 portrays the user experiences between the devices, and it allows knowing how the cloud can be blended according to the on-premises scenarios in new ways. This server ensures reliability, performance, and security. Newly redesigned homepages of this server are known as modern pages, that have new sections for some categories like quick links, site activity, and document library. Announcements, calendars, and links were included in the old version of the SharePoint server. The improvements made with this server is compatible with office 365 groups that make easy for viewing the content with easily accessible and more straightforward permissions. With this feature, users can enable sharing and view across the team and organization.

Modern team site experiences are visible in the SharePoint Server 2019, with the personalized, engaging home page by the power of SharePoint search. This new search infrastructure enables indexing of bigger files and better search performance. The recent version modern pages are built more simples to create less structured pages that can provide fast and easy responsive pages using modern web parts. By using these modern pages, users can share data through images, excel, word, and powerpoint documents, and can take further actions for publishing or displaying on any other devices.    

This introduces a modern list of experiences that can create, curate, and interact with the information that functions across the devices and browsers, and provide a better experience for document libraries as well. The updates enable the users to create and upload the folders using the command button that makes easy to copy and easily move the files. Additionally, users can pin documents, and highlight and create custom viewpoints.