Shawn Pearson Joins Kognitiv Corporation as President
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Shawn Pearson Joins Kognitiv Corporation as President

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Executive joins to boost the global move to peer-to-peer collaborative commerce of Kognitiv Corporation.

FREMONT, CA: Kognitiv Corporation, a leader in the rapidly widening market for collaborative commerce, appoints Shawn Pearson to the role of President effective February 1. Mr. Pearson comes from the Waterloo-based B2B technology growth firm returning from the United States where, most recently, he was President and CEO of Bluegreen Vacation Corporation. While at Bluegreen, Shawn was responsible for the successful initial public providing on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017 and gained record performance.

Shawn's impressive track record of developing commercial scale and agility was immediately attractive to Kognitiv. With a world-class team, deep and focused investments in technology, and strategic acquisitions, including the 2020 acquisitions of Aimia Loyalty Solutions and Aimia Intelligent Shopper Solutions, Kognitiv is poised for quick growth and client adoption. There is tremendous interest from clients across various markets. Shawn will develop that momentum across the operations. His acute understanding of the problems faced by global executives will help the clients to use opportunities and to manage these mounting challenges.

COVID has boosted many innovations. However, Executives still struggle with creating new value for their customers, developing deeper loyalty, and managing the increasingly complex needs around data security and privacy demanded by both consumers and regulators. Kognitiv's Platform-as-a-Service subscription addresses concerns safely and securely. This unique potential attracted Pearson to the organization, and Executives require alternative ways to meaningfully use their assets, goods, and services to offer value throughout the customer journey. Peer-to-peer collaboration is the only one able to truly do that at scale while meeting customers' increasing need for deeply personalized experiences, data safety, and security.

By putting zero-party customer data at the core of our collaborative commerce model, Kognitiv's clients and partners have the potential to redefine the rapidly-evolving relationship forming between firms and their most important consumers. The company is confident that peer-to-peer partnership will become the most sustainable way to create and offer the new types of value that consumers demand. The platform's collaborative nature and the resulting network impacts that benefit all partners is a ground-breaking approach to deliver that type of business impact.