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Shelly Mellott Appointed as the President of Final Draft by Cast & Crew

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cast & Crew promoted Shelly Mellott to President of Final Draft, whose screenwriting software is the acknowledged industry standard.

FREMONT, CA: Cast & Crew offers payroll and human resources, accounting and finance, and workflow and productivity software and services to the entertainment industry. The company has announced the promotion of Shelly Mellott to President of Final Draft, whose screenwriting software is the acknowledged industry standard. In her new position, Mellott will have the responsibility of supervising the regular operations and offer strategic leadership as the organization enters its 30th year of operations.

According to John Berkley, President of Cast & Crew, the parent company of Final Draft, "Shelly has been with Final Draft for 14 years and in that time has brought innovation and dedication to the various roles she's held. She understands the voice of the Final Draft customer and her team, and I am confident that Shelly has the vision to lead us into the next phase of growth as we continue to provide best-in-class solutions to the entertainment industry."

In 2006, Mellott started working at Final Draft when it acquired Forum Publishing and Script magazine, which is a screenwriting magazine and services company. In 1995, she and her father, David Geatty, started this company. She persisted on publishing the magazine until it was sold to F&W Media in 2011. However, from there, she was appointed in the role of Vice President of Events & Services, managing the Big Break Screenwriting Contest, industry conferences, industry access events, and screenwriter-centric services. In the year 2015, she became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, managing the divisions and modernizing the marketing strategy with a robust focus on customer engagement.

Mellott said, "Final Draft has been the industry standard for decades." "And while that deep history makes our brand synonymous with screenwriting, our focus is on innovation. The basic process of writing a screenplay remains unchanged, but the prewriting and post-production tools continue to evolve with the ever-changing filmmaking industry. We will be at the forefront of that evolution, delivering new ways to conceptualize storytelling while adopting modern production practices."