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Shifting to Renewable: Companies Leading the Movement

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The environmental risks are escalating. A shift to renewable resources can blow a new lease of life into environmental safety efforts and plans.

FREMONT, CA: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) states in its report that commercial customers account for two-thirds of the world's total electricity consumption. To bring a shift from non-renewable to renewable resources, companies have to play the leading role. Environment issues have escalated a lot in the recent past due to inaction and over-exploitation of resources. A conscious change toward greener practices is essential for sustainability. Thankfully, enterprises seem to realize their duties, and many are taking steps toward adopting solar and wind power.

Apart from anchoring the dwindling non-renewable resources, renewable resources can reduce the carbon footprint, thereby minimizing the effects of global warming. Commercial users, if they shift to solar and wind, will not just benefit the earth but also be able to become more cost-effective. The prices of renewable resources and technologies to leverage them are sliding down year by year. When the corporate world takes the lead in driving changes, the whole movement towards a safer planet gets a big push.

Though many companies are heading towards renewable energy, many other companies are still considering the shift. There are a few obstacles which have to be addressed before a company can make way for complete dependence on renewable energy. One such concern is the storage of electricity generated from solar and wind. The source of this energy cannot be controlled, which makes a case for batteries having huge capacities that can provide sufficient backup. Such batteries are still in the developmental phase, but one can expect them to be available shortly.

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Apart from storage concerns, regulatory and political hindrances are many. For a company to own or run a renewable electricity project, they have to depend on the government for permissions and bend policies according to the regulatory authorities. This ties down a lot of ambitious and beneficial ideas regarding renewable energy usage. Governments should welcome and promote enterprises looking to invest in renewable energy.

Climate summits and environmental awareness are only the first steps. Incorporating renewable resources by alleviating the hurdles can save the world from a climate catastrophe.

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