ShopSocially Version 15.2.0 Released with a Host of Enhancements for Better Customer Engagement

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: ShopSocially, a comprehensive platform for social, referral, and loyalty solutions has released 15.2.0, the latest version of its acclaimed Demandware cartridge. ShopSocially focuses on providing word-of-mouth marketing solutions to online retailers, so as to leverage the website’s customers to bring in new shoppers and retain the existing ones, thus, generating brand value for the site. The company has been an affiliate of the Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem since 2013 and the new version reaffirms it as a premium SaaS-based platform dedicated to the program. The new version also performs better than its predecessor and comes with exciting improvements. 

ShopSocially’s platform is a plug-in which can be embedded into any ecommerce website. The company initially concentrated on Facebook but later incorporated other social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram too. Version 15.2.0 includes ShopSocially’s accepted solutions such as the Referral Program, Customer Q&A, Visual Commerce, and Customer Loyalty.

These solutions enable online retailers to provide a wholesome customer experience; which later facilitates new customer acquisition through social sharing and subscribing to newsletters. Furthermore, the new version presents merchants with analytics capabilities that monitor customer preferences, new trends, and even serves as an account manager by suggesting appropriate solutions to attain the merchants’ objectives.

“From Day One, ShopSocially has always focused on delivering solutions that can help businesses leverage the power of referral and loyalty program to achieve wider brand recognition, a larger fan or follower bases, and ultimately more revenue,” said Samir Palnitkar, President of ShopSocially.