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Should We Have Security Concerns with Big Data?

By CIOReview | Monday, March 26, 2018

With everything technology centring on Big Data, organizations has potentially opened up to higher risks. The more data one collects data, the greater is the loss, and the more complex it gets in terms of managing it. However, having said that, security advancements such as Blockchain can possibly diminish a significant number of these risks. `

The real issue with data comes due to its inherent value. The more important the data that you have collected and utilized is, the more exorbitant it is to lose. This is a quite basic thought — particularly if data turns into a vital part of the services offered.  

The loss of data can have a massive impact on any business for varied reasons, and at times cyber security is not the issue. Loss of data can be due to natural calamities that destroy data centres, hardware failures due to long usage and even when data is being transferred to new servers. It is vital for organizations or business to create continuity and recovery plans for data loss, in order to lessen the potential risks of events, which are not in control. For instance, the WannaCry attack proved that large organizations could be attacked no matter what ever security measures are taken.

Security experts and hackers share a cyclical relationship. An idea that is evolving as each responds to innovative technologies to discover novel methods for propelling their art. If Big Data is implemented correctly, big data can be utilized to close many security loopholes rather than opening them. When looking to protect against cyber crimes, the more the data, the better.

Dependence on data has an inherent risk but improvement in the data world is moving at an incredible rate, and things are getting more secure, not less.

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