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Showcasing a New Container Concept that Brings CoreOS, Kubernetes and Docker Together

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CoreOS, a software company specializing in linux containers, launches Tectonic Preview in combination with Kubernetes 1.0, giving users easy access to Kubernetes 1.0, 24x7 enterprise-ready support, Kubernetes guides and Kubernetes training to help enterprises begin experiencing the power of Kubernetes, CoreOS and Docker.

Tectonic Preview:

The Tectonic suite delivers a complete enterprise solution for businesses transitioning to a distributed, container-based software infrastructure by bringing the power of Kubernetes to cloud or on-premise environment. Tectonic includes the latest versions of Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS, flannel and all other components to give a complete distributed container stack.

 To provide businesses with container-based infrastructure, CoreOS announced Tectonic, a next-generation enterprise software stack. Now with the launch of this Preview, companies will benefit through an opinionated stack for containers, which includes Kubernetes, CoreOS and Docker. Coupled with, a powerful and secure container registry, enterprises can transform the way they deliver applications.

The 24x7 enterprise-ready support will provide customers with expertise from the CoreOS team. With the use of Tectonic Preview, development teams can easily deploy code from dev, to test, to production, all on the same stack.


The Kubernetes project has come a long way with many API improvements and more recently a focus on stability and scalability. It is an open-source container management tool from Google.  It provides a solid foundation for running container-based infrastructure providing API driven deployment, service discovery, monitoring and load balancing.

For those who want to learn the methods to achieve Google-like infrastructure, CoreOS is partnering with Google and Intel to travel to select cities to provide training on Kubernetes, CoreOS and Tectonic. The company says that Tectonic Preview is the best way to start using Kubernetes 1.0.

Furthermore, together with Intel, CoreOS is announcing the first Tectonic Summit, to be happening soon which will be an exclusive two-day event featuring cutting edge companies and their stories about how they are transforming the way they compute.  Companies like AWS, Dell, Engine Yard, Google, Intel, Mirantis and Redapt have extended their support to CoreOS for the Tectonic project.

"For companies that want to get started using Kubernetes and run their applications in the same way Google runs today, CoreOS has the product and support offerings to make you successful. By signing up for the Tectonic preview, using our Kubernetes open source guides or registering for our Kubernetes training courses, CoreOS is helping companies take advantage of the power of containers and transform their application development and deployment processes," said Alex Polvi, CEO, CoreOS.