Showcasing StreamAnalytics 2.0

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The recently launched StreamAnalytics 2.0 is being showcased in the Spark Summit East, until Thursday at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City. The three day event began on Tuesday and Impetus Technologies is demonstrating StreamAnalytics 2.0 platform's new spark streaming capabilities at booth K-18 as compiled by InformationWeek.

Abiding by the promise, Impetus Technologies selected to publicly showcase StreamAnalytix at Spark Summit East–the largest big data event dedicated to Apache Spark, with a heavy focus on data science and engineering at scale. StreamAnalytix 2.0 is debuted featuring its advantages of the industry’s first open-source based, enterprise-grade, and multi-engine platform for the rapid and easy development of real time streaming analytic applications. “We have worked for the past 18 months with many global enterprises. In order to implement real-time decision support and analytics applications on high-throughout streaming data sources in the areas of customer analytics and operational intelligence,” says Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix, Impetus Technologies. “In many instances, we were seeing use cases that are best optimized by utilizing different stream processing paradigms.”

The capabilities of StreamAnalytix 2.0 include building on its existing visual integrated development and application-monitoring environment to provide abstraction over multiple streaming engines. StreamAnalytix 2.0 can also accommodate newer engines as they gain market acceptance. This approach allows developers and data analysts to use drag-and-drop operators to create real-time analytics applications by choosing the most optimal engine for each use case.

StreamAnalytix has helped organizations in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), sensor data analytics, e-Commerce security, fraud, insurance claim validation, and credit-line management, Internet advertising, call center analytics, business activity monitoring, and log analytics.

The Enterprises that are interested in accessing StreamAnalytix 2.0 before the product being available at the end of March are required to apply for the beta program by sending a request to