Siemens Improvises Comos Mobile Solution to Enhance Mobile Plant Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Siemens’s new COMOS Mobile Solutions 2.0 comes with enhanced mobile information management capabilities, thus making networked collaboration in the process industry. the process The dramatic changes in the global manufacturing plant landscape have compelled organizations to respond to a new set of challenges, including an increased number of casual users requiring secure, on-demand more flexible, alternative working modalities and easy access to plant data; mobility not only to change the way the organizations operate but  it also affects business relationships. The COMOS Mobile Solutions 2.0 serves all the participants in a project to access the relevant information via web-based services, anytime and anywhere, through mobile devices such as tablets.

The COMOS Mobile Solutions 2.0 includes two new solutions: COMOS WebPQM and COMOS Snapshots. COMOS WebPQM (Project Quality Management) allows processing industries for online editing of documents and engineering data.  This simplifies the exchange of engineering data with suppliers. With COMOS Mobile Solutions, project stakeholders can have easy-to-use and efficient solutions for managing documents in plant projects, such as uploading, checking-in and checking-out of documents, and full management revision directly in the COMOS Web user interface to make global collaboration easier.

COMOS Snapshots offers a New Graphical User Interface to help stackholders to enable cross-project working, which allows project managers to keep in track the status of the project and also the degree of target attainment. The intuitive operation of the interface gives access to the desired information in just a few clicks leading to successful projects in the process industries.

COMOS Mobile Document View enables users to access COMOS managed documents via Microsoft SharePoint without a COMOS desktop installation. This enables a quick overview of the available documentation by presenting the d documents of several projects and databases via SharePoint web parts in one environment at the same time. Although the documents are accessible in a different environment, they remain in the COMOS archive to avoid duplication or redundancies. COMOS Mobile Solutions 2.0 supports Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems and helps users to gain fast and secure access to the documents