Sierraware Rolls Out New Solution to Streamline VMI Deployments
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Sierraware Rolls Out New Solution to Streamline VMI Deployments

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: With the emergence of Virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI)- a delivery model where a mobile OS is hosted on a Data Center, it is also equally important to securely host the apps. To this end, Sierraware unveils VMI-in-a-Box allowing businesses to secure their mobile apps.

Satisfying the pre requisites of HIPAA compliance, VMI-in-a-Box boosts deployment, provides verified virtual and hardware appliances to optimize performance. It empowers organizations to host their mobile apps on servers and accommodate personalized, remote access to their apps from any device. The new solution can substitute virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions as it reduces software hardware and other operating costs of VDI.

Some of the features of VMI-in-a-Box include simple installation wizard; dual-factor authentication with passwords, pin-codes to verify user identity and providing native app experience through camera, microphone and GPS support while preventing sensitive data and images from getting stored on personal devices.

"As a simple, all-in-one solution, VMI-in-a-Box makes it easy for organizations that were intimidated by enterprise mobility management solutions to embrace mobile security. The VMI-in-a-Box virtual appliance can be set up in minutes and then users can start streaming their business apps to users, while monitoring application access and preventing data loss," says Gopal Jayaraman, CEO, Sierraware.