Sightline Systems Treads a New Dimension With Sightline Assure

By CIOReview | Friday, November 6, 2015

FAIRFAX, VA- Sightline Systems, a provider of real-time Operations Intelligence solutions focused on operational capacity, root-cause analysis and performance management announced the launch of Sightline Assure. This is a strong IT performance monitoring solution which is designed to maintain the availability and access of mission-critical applications running in IT environments.

Sightline Assure is built upon the resourceful Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) Monitoring and Analytics Engine which collects and analyses hundreds of real-time system metrics to optimize the performance of Fortune 500 IT environments. The software aims at integrating manufacturing industry with leading industrial automation HMI systems. “Industrial automation systems are not traditionally managed by corporate IT departments, they’re often run by engineers, HMI operators and non-IT experts,” said Brandon Witte, CEO and President of Sightline Systems. 

A closer look at the affordable software throws light on certain important features. Its lightweight and easy-to-use interface provides plant managers and production line operators with full visibility into the plant IT environment without the complexity of traditional IT-industry software. It can identify system performance issues proactively so as to ensure uninterrupted production. Every active alert is made available on the dashboard and provides a comprehensive alert history for each mission-critical servers and operating systems. These alerts are detailed, stating the duration of the glitch and the time until which it is resolved. The solution sends out early warning reports to users regarding capacity issues and system errors.

Data is correlated across Windows, Linux and VMware servers to anticipate performance issues, thus preventing system downtime and data loss. Additionally, it also performs several ongoing CPU, disk space, memory and network usage checks and automatically restarts unavailable applications.