Significance of Computer Vision across Industries
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Significance of Computer Vision across Industries

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Computer vision is growing at a rapid pace, and it is expected that the market for computer vision will reach more than $26 billion by the end of 2025. Computer vision depicts the capability of a machine to analyze visual information and derive decisions about it. Sources of computer vision consist of pictures and videos, or photographs from thermal or infrared sensors.

Computer vision allows drones, robots, and ant other computer-controlled devices to run with more productivity and security. The advent of camera phones has deluged the world with digital pictures which are far less valuable without computer vision processing.  Computer vision enables a user to get access to their photo gallery without any labels.

Many companies have started venturing into computer vision applications to provide a customized user experience. Modiface allows its customers to attempt cosmetics using just their cell phones. Mtailor makes customized pants and shirts using the same procedure. Pottery barn allows the customers to get a view of the furniture in their homes using mobile phones. Innovations in Computer vision started a few years ago when Google stored heaps of pictures on a computer and let it make sense of the patterns without any additional help. They called that procedure deep learning, which discovered patterns individually and made an exceptionally exact calculation using adequate algorithms.

The use cases of computer vision are indefinite as many modern circumstances have a computer vision related solution. Unmanned vehicles that perceive different objects and vehicles around it depend on a large group of cameras to make decisions. It can also pursue signs and traffic signals. Computer vision can also be an effective tool for the healthcare industry as almost 90 percent of healthcare data consist of picture-based materials.

Many developers and AI-based engineers are trying to develop solutions that make use of computer vision and augmented reality. Many companies are making their users fill out a web form that expects them to pick a couple of pictures from a grid which enables computer vision ventures to make labeled data. The computer vision innovations are expected to be utilized in all aspects of our lives once it is feasible for smaller organizations to develop computer vision products.