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Significance of Consumer Call management for Business Growth

By CIOReview | Monday, February 18, 2019

An Effective marketing strategy can help driving business growth for retailers. Here are a few marketing tips to drive more revenue for retailers:

Consumer Calls: Apart from the online and in-store channel, consumer calls act as another conversion channel to drive revenue. Consumer calls are a significant way of attracting customers as retail shoppers frequently call to ask questions, check store hours, and in some cases order products. A data-driven approach to the call conversion can help the retailers to optimize SEO and drive revenues.

Tracking Callers from Marketing to Sales: Offline interactions with the consumers are a blind spot for retailers, as it is easy to follow the results of the online digital advertising campaigns. Retailers should track calls and capture information on the caller and the marketing channels to measure and optimize SEO performance and media spend.

Call Analytics: retailers can use call analytics to personalize the caller experience, as a good call experience can convert a caller into a customer for the store. Call channel experience has vast potential, but it needs significant changes as 32 percent of the customers find phone calls the most annoying customer service channel.

Data Integration with CRM: Appropriate utilization of the captured call data can drive better business results. Enterprises should integrate their call data into marketing stack which includes CRM, bid management, web analytics, and other tools. This will provide a comprehensive view of the consumer journey and campaign optimization to generate revenue for the business.

Target Past Callers with Appropriate Ads: The best way to attract the past callers is to know the position of the caller in the customer journey. Marketers should have an idea about the next best action for a caller. An enterprise can drive better remarketing results by capturing calls from each marketing source.

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