Significance Of Data Analytics For Marketing Success
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Significance Of Data Analytics For Marketing Success

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 21, 2019
The significance of data analytics needs no acknowledgment, as businesses across industries have leveraged this technique to enhance its productivity and boost growth. Data analytics has also provided immense benefits to the marketing teams by enabling them to launch marketing campaigns for targeted customers.

Advanced data analytics tools have helped marketing teams to up the ante of their marketing campaigns by offering broader accessibility and improved data visualization. These tools can assist marketing teams immensely in areas like content creation, customer targeting, client relationship management, and many others. Marketing teams can leverage the barrage of data to good effects:

Better Data Utilization: Big data tools utilize many emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) among others that offers them automated and scalable methods of bringing multiple data sources to a single platform and deliver actionable insights to the appropriate user. These tools can extract meaningful information from the heaps of data sets that can sometimes be missed through manual processes.

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Scalability: Business organizations need integrated marketing intelligence solutions that allow its marketing teams to keep up with the growing technological sophistication involved in buying, tracking and analyzing ad campaigns. Data analytics tools can enable businesses to make more informed decisions about ad spends for future campaigns, audience targeting, optimal channel mix, and so on. In order to gain optimum benefits of the scalability provided by marketing intelligence solutions, marketing teams in an organization need to prepare themselves to adapt to a larger volume of data ingestion and the new role in data analysis.

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Optimized Visibility: Customer experience is the key to business growth. The greater emphasis on improving customer experience has given rise to complex processes and operations. With complex processes and large operations, businesses need to ensure real-time visibility into their workflow management. Data analytics tools can provide impeccable visibility into marketing and sales operations, enabling enterprises to analyze return on investment (ROI).