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Significance of Intent Data in Content Marketing

By CIOReview | Monday, February 4, 2019

Content marketing is now an integral part of digital strategies leading to its vast adoption among various verticals. But when everybody in the competition has the same set of tools, what sets a business apart is specialization. Similarly, intent data is the specialization of content marketing that allows businesses to gain an edge and drive better online traffic to their web portals. Intent marketing permits marketers to identify the customer’s purpose over the brand and target them accordingly. Through intent data, marketers can understand the exact needs of their customers at a particular point in time and determine the brand’s actual audience and its behavior. 

The significance of intent data in content marketing can be explained through the following.

Identifying the Right Audience

To optimize intent data, organizations need to first collect the right data through online analytical tools such as Google analytics and site data. Data will give better insights into the customer needs and their purpose of visiting the brand’s website. Once the information is available, an analysis will provide organizations with a gap between the search of customers on site and off site. Filling this gap will be effective to gain required online traffic. This approach will allow brands to identify and target the right cohort effectively through personalized service and offers. Intent data enables marketers to convert potential customers into successful leads.

Content to Emphasis On

Intent data is important to understand the content that customers look for in the vertical in which organization is operating. Once the analytical team has the information, they can easily figure out the type of content customers look for at any point in time and where their website lacks. Post analyses it becomes easy for enterprises to focus on that particular piece of content and include it in their portals as well.

Channelize Advertisement

Online advertisements need to be optimized for increased traffic and cost-effectiveness. For this it is necessary to recognize those platforms which drive more traffic; to achieve this intent data can help. Information from analytical tools provide the details of each advertising platform’s output, enabling enterprises to choose the most effective ones and invest only on them. Also, businesses can check whether their current online advertising strategy works as planned or requires an update.