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Significance of IoT in Mobile App Development Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

In this mobile-driven world, IoT is all set to impact the mobile industry by bringing the technology revolution which promotes simplicity and connectivity. As a futuristic technology, IoT has a long way to go as it would be interesting to see how this technology impacts the mobile development processes. The growing demand and the ease of use are the two significant factors that are responsible for the rise of IoT applications.

What can IoT offer to the mobile app development?

• Valuable Insights: As IoT connects many devices, servers, and other equipment, data collected from all these devices work seamlessly and remain in sync with other gadgets. Hence, in this manner, IoT gives valuable insights, and one can use that information for making real-time decisions and simplify the complex business processes.

• Cost-effective and Efficient: IoT can reduce the expenses of mobile app development by enabling the developers to integrate several components cost-effectively. It enhances the app and makes it interactive and also provides room for innovation.

Customer’s involvement can be increased through IoT mobile application as it can give an excellent user experience and assist the employees to work more productively and efficiently. IoT makes the mobile development procedure more user-friendly which lets the users work more efficiently with enhanced convenience.

• Interactivity and Customization: IoT can create interactive mobile applications and can simultaneously open doors of customization options. It means that the business mobile application can remain relevant and up-to-date with IoT-related functionality and other necessary features.

What are the benefits of IoT-based Mobile Application?

1. Improved Integration: IoT can be integrated with the existing technologies like AR, VR, and Machine learning (ML). Hence it becomes easy to incorporate the features of these advanced technologies in the mobile application. However, IoT needs specialization for proper implementation which means that only those app developers with IoT expertise can integrate these technological advancements.

2. Niche Market: Some organizations haven’t adopted IoT at all whereas there are a few who are using to a small extent only. Hence, if one plans to integrate IoT at their workplace, the chances are high that they can get into a competitive edge and a niche market with IoT-based mobile applications.

3. Security: The main aim behind mobile app developers is to prioritize safety because the IoT concept deals with a lot of personalized data. Such confidential data should not be leaked therefore the IoT-based mobile app development solutions are expected to pay more attention to the data security domain.

4. Location Independence: IoT-enabled mobile application can be used anywhere irrespective of the time and space. Location isn’t a barrier, and the operator can control functions even if they are far from the workplace, but only smart devices are necessary to run an IoT-based application.