Significance of Job Hazard Analysis in Workplace
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Significance of Job Hazard Analysis in Workplace

By CIOReview | Monday, July 12, 2021

Companies are incorporating job hazard analysis because it is the best way to engender a safe working environment for the employees.

FREMONT, CA: According to a survey, a significant number of people die every day due to hazardous working circumstances. Every seven seconds, a worker gets wounded on the job. Every day, this equates to 12,900 injuries.

OSHA establishes strict workplace responsibilities that every company must follow. Failure to comply with OSHA standards can lead to harsh penalties or even a criminal conviction when an employee dies.

Regularly conducting a job hazard analysis is one definite method to prevent these expensive fines or criminal charges. A job hazard analysis is a technique for recognizing potential workplace risks before they happen. It involves evaluating the workers' interaction with their work environment, tools, coworkers, and the job they are doing. 

The results of one job hazard analysis may differ from another because of the differences in work demands and arrangements. As a result, the hazard controls in one workplace may be ineffective in another.

Importance of Job Hazard Analysis for the Business

A job hazard analysis, or JHA, is also described as a pre-task analysis or a Field-Level Risk Assessment. All these terms refer to the same method of identifying potential workplace dangers.

Here are a few advantages of a job hazard analysis.

Enhances Workplace Communication

A JHA is typically a team effort with employees from many levels. Supervisors and safety personnel will first collaborate to create a blueprint for the JHA process, and then they will inform their respective staff about the entire procedure.

Employees can provide feedback and ask questions about the job hazard analysis. Employees and supervisors can debate how to best carry out the whole activity during this step. Employees are free to express their concerns and suggestions about workplace health and safety.

Reduces Hazards and Prevents Accidents

The most significant advantage of a job hazard analysis is that it eliminates all risks from the workplace and reduces the likelihood of accidents. Remember that preventing accidents is essential not just for the sake of the staff but also for the company. Several businesses have failed as a result of workplace accidents.

A job hazard analysis is a critical step towards reducing these workplace dangers. So, it is necessary for the staff and the company to schedule a job hazard analysis as soon as possible.

Protects the Employees

Any smart employer puts their employees' health and safety ahead of their bottom line. Employees are the backbone of any organization.

A competent job hazard analysis ensures that the employees' safety and health are protected. They will be able to work at their best and keep the organization functioning. It's also against the law to overlook the employees' physical well-being at work.

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