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Significance of Open Source and DevOps for Software Development

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2021

DevOps and open source techniques are at the helm of software development projects. Enterprises no longer consider open source to be a high-risk technique and are embracing open source for their software development stacks. IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat and Microsoft’s acquisition of Github are the testimony to the fact that open source technology is here to stay.

Enterprises need to start open sourcing their code in order to stay relevant in the market. DevOps technology is also a prerequisite, where the open source codes can be layered. The DevOps teams will have to enforce open source policies to ensure compliance against practices. The teams will also have to automatically update continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) servers with the latest open source language build. An automated, reproducible, and continuous Build Engineering process can help DevOps teams to ensure a truly agile framework with continuous builds for the DevOps process.

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DevOps technique allows software teams to test their codes in the development process only, accelerating the software production process. Companies need to integrate securities into their code to enable runtime monitoring that provides insights into new vulnerabilities. DevSecOps helps an enterprise in Build management with strong focus on security. It allows an enterprise to build only what is required and standardize the builds based on language, operating system, and vetted packages. DevSecOps offers more robust and faster application delivery as the open source language builds won't need distributions loaded with every package. Here are a few open source features that are important for software development:

Language-level automation: Automated open source language provides reproducible processes which result in continuous language builds. These builds enable organizations to accelerate productivity and give more freedom to developers.

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A trusted source of information: A centralized open source languages and the related packages, dependencies and licenses enable a business organization to track their language and packages across DevOps and provide a comprehensive understanding of open source usage.