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Significance of Smart Transport for a Sustainable Environment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Environmental issues are becoming grave on each passing day. Countries around the globe are looking for options to improve environmental conditions. Transport system can play a significant role in a sustainable environment as it accounts for 26 percent of global CO2 emissions. The smart transport system that uses satellite technologies has an ability to make the transport system safer, more efficient and amiable towards the environment.

Smart transport uses information and communication technologies to improve transport infrastructure. Wireless technology is used in an exchange of information between vehicles, drivers, passengers, and transfer hubs. It is also used in making the navigation, traffic signals, and container management system more efficient. Satellite technology is used to make communication more reliable. Here are some of the applications of smart transport to make the transport system more efficient:

Public Transport: trains can use smart transport to transmit information about any damage or overcrowding issues in the carriage to the hubs. This can help to avoid accidents in the future. Maintenance and repair of public transport could also be improved vastly as vehicles send real-time data about the location or any maintenance issues to the management. Navigation system could also be used by the passengers to know the exact location of the vehicles.

Communications and Traffic Accidents: The transfer of real-time data can help to avoid major traffic accidents. Satellite technology could be used to detect any adverse weather conditions and warn the driver about any upcoming disasters. In the case of a crash, the data can be used to know the location of vehicles with knowledge of the severity of the accident. Automated processes could also reduce the need for manual repairs.

Transportation by Ship: Global Navigation Satellite Systems send real-time information about any possible calamities. Ships could use the information to change routes in case of an emergency. Sensors in the ships could be used to report any loss or theft in the cargo.

Delivery Drones: Drones can provide an efficient method of delivering goods or documents for small distances. Drones ensure safe delivery of packages as it can be monitored continuously; it is also a cost-effective and space-saving option for delivering goods

Intelligent technologies have the potential to reduce negative effects of transportation on the environment. According to a survey by Inmarsat, 15 percent of the companies have claimed that sustainability has improved through the use of these technologies.

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