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Significance of SMS Service in Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, February 18, 2019

SMS services have always played a significant role in customer engagement services across all verticals. It has yielded the highest returns in terms of investment and has domination over emails, calls, and various other marketing strategies. As a result of which all organizations focus on optimizing the tool for their customer services. Emails, chat, voicemails, SMS- each have their own significance in customer connections. The trick is to tailor customer services utilizing them optimally.

Using IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a self-sufficient tool to take the load off the contact center for catering satisfactory customer service. But at times customers prefer to switch between text and voice and that where the need for merging SMS service with IVR comes. The merger will allow customers to choose their preferred mode of communication. At the same time, companies will also not lose their contact points.

Security Verification

In the age of digitalization, frauds prevail smoothly among all platforms. Organizations from all sectors have now started to utilize SMS services for user identity verification for security purposes. Therefore, budding businesses and existing ones that have not yet embedded the service in verification process must look forward to the same. SMS services are working fine to serve the purpose, and much of the frauds have been prevented through OTPs.

Use in Banking

Banking and financial sector is perhaps the one to optimize SMS service the most. From transaction OTPs to policy advertisements banks utilize SMS for every thing. It is being anticipated that the use of message service will continue upswing in the future as new payment applications make their way into the market requiring proper verification for linking bank details to them.

Marketing and FeedBack

Probably the oldest digital marketing channel is message service. Marketers are utilizing the facility to increase their customer contact points and reach. Daily millions of SMSs are sent that contain some brand advertisement. Also, customers are offered the privilege to provide feedbacks through messages, giving marketers a massive database of customer likes and dislikes.