SIGNiX and RELATIENT integrate E-Signatures Into Healthcare Messaging System

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2015

FERMONT, CA: SIGNIX, cloud-based e-signature solutions company, partners with RELATIENT to add patient details electronically via any devices from anywhere, at any time through internet. The E-Signature provides a platform for the provider to send and receive forms electronically prior to patient appointment.It provides efficient documentation and easy data entry. Practice management notes and the electronic health record are up-to-date

 SIGNIX uses patent technology to give businesses and organizations the most secure and legally defensible e-signatures available at a fraction of the costs. They are efficient, secure and profitable. With RELATIENT as a cloud-based healthcare information technology company providing patient with convenient understanding of all the paper work required for their care.

Their partnership delivers simplicity in documentation through eschewing the inefficient paper work practice.The customer review and sign essential form allowing the health care provider more time to assess clinical activities by decreasing the workload for paper works. The E-Signature will permanently embed the signature into a signed document.

  “Together, SIGNiX, RELATIENT and healthcare providers will drive patient satisfaction, patient health, and practice profitability together. I cannot wait until I walk into a doctor’s office and am not handed a clipboard with 10 forms to fill out manually. With this partnership, I will be able to fill out any paperwork at a time, place, and device of my choosing. That is treating the patient like a customer,” said Jay Jumper, CEO, SIGNiX.