SIGNiX and Wacom Join Hands to enable a Secure Electronic Signing Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In an announcement made by SIGNiX, the firm publicized its collaboration with Wacom. The firm’s technology has been integrated with Wacom’s electronic signature pads to enable a most secure electronic signing experience. This integration of technologies will benefit both the in-person as well as remote execution of vital contracts and legal documents.

SIGNiX’s digital signature services are believed to be fundamentally different from other electronic signature products in the market and this integration will only make the technology better. When asked about the integration with Wacom, Jay Jumper, CEO, SIGNiX said, “We’re delighted to work with the worldwide leader in signature pad technology.” He added,” They share our commitment to providing the most secure electronic signature solution available today, whether in person or remote.”

The reason behind their unique digital signature services is that their Independent E-Signatures are international, published standards based and have permanently embedded legal evidence which makes these e-signatures remain valid forever. The legal evidence is made permanently embedded into the signed documents using public key infrastructure which gives SIGNiX an added advantage as there’s no reliance on SIGNiX to prove the validity of their e-signatures.

The highest levels of identity authentication and encryption, comprehensive audit trails and tamper-evident technology is deployed by SIGNiX in their solution which makes sure that the e-signatures and e-signed document’s safety and security is maintained. This integration will only enhance SIGNiX’s vision as Wacom is a provider of pen tablet solutions of the top class in the market. This integrated technology will be sold as an independent business solution. “SIGNiX’s vision to add electronic handwritten signature to their online digital signing platform is one we fully support. Their collaboration to support our signature capture devices will greatly enhance the in-person signing experience and demonstrates SIGNiX’s commitment to market leadership,” said Shigeki Komiyama, executive vice president for Wacom’s Business Solutions Unit.