SIGNix and xRM Partner to Secure Online Documents with E-Signatures

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
jay jumper, president & CEO, signix

jay jumper, president & CEO, signix

CHATTANOOG, TN: A cloud-based Independent E-Signature solutions provider—SIGNix partners with xRM, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner to offer application hosting, software development, and consulting services. The partnership aims to integrate digital signature technology into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform. “Signing a document will be as simple as tracking a phone call, making an appointment or doing any other typical CRM activity,” explains Patrick McLean, Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer, xRM.

E-Signatures reduce the time taken for processing documents of the company. SIGNix’s Independent E-Signature technology offers control and ownership to the documents holder, featuring offline verification, anytime. As the technology adheres to the international published standards, it has greater longevity making it valid forever. Along with longer validity, it is transparent and secure with low level of risk involved in document fraud. It embeds the legal evidence of an E-Signature into a signed document using Public-Key Infrastructure. The comprehensive audit trail attached to SIGNiX e-signatures provides independently verifiable evidence of the intent to sign along with information about when documents are viewed, when users are authenticated and more.

xRM’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM are of two types: Online, cloud version of the Microsoft’s CRM software and On-Premise. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online software provides sales, service, marketing tools, social, and customer intelligence tools to build good customer relationships and enhance their experience. This software is compatible with the Office Outlook and Office 365, which enables tracking of emails and appointments against the records in the CRM database; synchronize contacts, emails, and other activities; and even provide access to all the CRM records from within the Outlook user interface. It features a powerful workflow engine which improves efficiency through the automation in CRM tasks.

The partnership seamlessly embeds SIGNix Independent E-Signature solution into Microsoft Dynamics CRM online or Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise, providing an improved customer life-cycle experience where CRM users can track prospects, manage their clients and close all deals without leaving or closing the program. The integrated technology is available through Direct Clients or companies with CRM tool having native E-Signature capabilities with an add-on feature for resale by other Microsoft partners across the globe.