SIGNiX Joins Hands with U&OB Notary Services to Broaden Remote E-Notarization Prospects Internationally

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: SIGNiX, a company that provides cloud-based Independent E-Signature solutions and are pioneers of the remote e-signature service digitally notarized deed, recently declared its new partnership with U&OB Notary Services. With this collaboration, the company hopes to spread out its access to remote e-notarization expertise for enterprises throughout the country.

By partnering with U&OB, SIGNiX can now allow its consumers to buy a remote e-notarization session as well as allow them to schedule a notarization directly via U&OB. In order to provide notarizations with signers around the world via the internet and web conferences, the two firms will join hands by using SIGNiX's eNotaryDoX technology and U&OB's choice network of Virginia notaries.

Virginia electronic notaries have permissions by law to execute remote electronic notarizations throughout the world via e-signatures and recordable audio/video technology.

"Our customers require convenience, and remote e-notarization is the natural chain of development of the industry," said Brandi Lambert, Co-owner, Operations Manager, U&OB Notary Services. "This is the first time U&OB will offer remote e-notary services, and we are proud to partner with an experienced, secure and fully compliant e-signature and e-notary provider like SIGNiX."

SIGNiX's eNotaryDox solutions deliver the firm’s patented Independent E-Signature technology which leverages the public key infrastructure in order to implant legal evidence of an e-signature and e-notary inside a signed document. This validation proof will be permanently available excluding all dependencies on SIGNiX.

"Cloud-based tools are revolutionizing businesses and real estate practices along with e-signatures are no exception," said Jay Jumper, CEO, SIGNiX. "We are pleased to collaborate with U&OB to make notarizations simpler, faster and more convenient for all parties involved."

SIGNiX's technology also provides amenities like identity authentication tools as well as an all-inclusive TotalAudit track that records the whole of the e-notarization process, adding multiple layers of security over traditional paper and ink methods.