Siklu Launches E-band Radios for Capacity Rich Connectivity

By CIOReview | Friday, September 25, 2015

FAIR LAWN, NJ: Siklu, provider of millimeter wave technology, launches Etherhaul-2200F and Etherhaul-2200FX mmWave radios which will provide bandwidth rich and interference free connectivity for wireless networks. Based on Siklu’s Etherhaul platform, these new products will deliver scalable 2 Gigabit capacity to wireless networks.

The new 2 Gigabit solutions boost the aggregation, backhaul and connectivity of multiple urban and commercial vertical markets. The new lightweight carrier grade radios accelerate network, deliver powerful and interference free connectivity, providing fiber quality connections in a quicker way. In addition, the E-band radio creates wireless solutions with more capacity with less energy.

The benefits provided by the EH-2200FX and EH-2200F include scalable for swift modifications; upgradation to 2 Gigabit throughput; enhanced network aggregation and expansion; compressed streaming for hassle free communication and multi port ODU with PoE (Power over Ethernet) for seamless deployment.

"The newest 2-Gigabit wireless solution perfects the most comprehensive mmWave family of products in the market. The new EH-2200 series addresses the ever increasing demand for higher capacity networks. Their flexibility, ease of integration and fast deployment help service providers, as well as private network owners, enhance their customers' experience and remain competitive," says Itzik Ben Bassat, CEO, Siklu.