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Silicon Valley HR to Work Towards Ensuring Employee-Friendly Culture

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 23, 2019

To ensure respect for women while creating value, Silicon Valley companies should empower HR.

FREMONT, CA: The presence of the HR department is a big interrogation in Silicon Valley based companies. Their employees lack security, which is evident from several incidents. There have been circumstances when the HR refused to address the issues of women regarding harassment as they were not ready to take steps against some high performers who indulge in such activities. In fact, it is high time that HR takes on the power in favor of employees to create a considerate and open workplace. The need to address operations while managing new customers to become a profitable company quickly is the driving source of HR. However, care and concern for the employee remain basic organizational tenets that cannot be ignored.

Organizations should realize that HR plays a significant role in organizational reputation. The moment a company reaches a strength of 100, the HR department should frame some ground rules for the employees. Thus, an organization of this strength can highly benefit from the right performance plans, compensation structures, and learning opportunities. However, it has been noticed that most startups disregard the need for a competent HR. California Management Review found in its survey that even after five years, around one-third of new companies did not have an HR function or system.Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies

Notably, only when a legal crisis or public reputation hit occurs, Silicon Valley startups empower HR. It is often a full-blown sexual harassment scandal that compels the company to take a decisive step toward empowering HR. In many companies, HR leaders lack the leadership to create a culture of security, trust and openness, and equal opportunities.

Even when HR is instated, only a few narrow goals are outlined, and most of them are operational, like recruitment and retention. Attention towards softer aspects like culture building, diversity and inclusion, employee safety, and harassment policy should be encouraged. These are the essential elements that define the organizational ethos creating a great workplace. Employees are an organization’s valuable asset, and Silicon Valley companies should value this.

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