Simformotion Delivers New Cat Simulators Off-Highway Truck System

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

PEORIA, ILL: Simformotion intimates the release of its new Cat Simulators Off-highway Truck System. The system manages to reflect striking resemblance to the real-time world and is developed to aid users experienced/inexperienced to minimize the risks when on highway.

The system comes with convincing controls mated with simulation based applications enabling users to revise techniques and applications learned earlierIt familiarizes its users with the machine by taking them throght the Systems testing, Driving, hauling, Braking, two Loading and Unloading methods, Full Production Cycle and a dedicated Open Training mode.  The system also gives its users an iPad training companion, access to multiple languages and a motion platform.

Cat Simulators get an exclusive addition of SimU Campus, a digital interface for evaluation and progress tracking of the user. The software tends to record every input by the user during the training and reports the results session by session making it easy to track the progress in user’s skill development. Over hundreds of Caterpillar expert operator’s data are also saved to serve as benchmarks. Hence, the user’s results are subjected to these benchmarks when reported for detailed analysis. 

“New operators, students – even experienced operators – can learn on the Off-Highway Truck simulator,” says Vice President Lara Aaron. “Drivers can lose control of the truck easily if they do not know the correct operations and braking techniques. Production is affected by proper loading and unloading. Maintenance costs, insurance costs, potential fines and more will affect a quarry operation’s bottom line. Learning correct operations or honing skills can significantly contribute to the profits earned.”