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Simplex Solutions Releases Secure VPN Service with Enhanced Web Surfing Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Simplex Solutions, developer of cutting-edge apps and online security services announces the release of new VPN Unlimited 3.0 version with anonymous web surfing experience

The company updated with the latest web grades, app releases for new operating systems including iOS 8 and Android 5.0 offers VPN service ensuring ultimate online security through powerful encryption along with high connection speed without any restrictions.

The improved version of VPN app has a greater stability with quick access to security features and a wide selection of global servers. Users can now manually download VPN server list and have an instant secure connection to any of them around the globe. With this new iOS 8 API, convenient switching of locations is made available without the need of reloading the profiles.

The redesigned intuitive UI offers quick access to a set of new functional features and easy-to-use options. Single VPN account can be used on up to 5 electronic devices of customer’s choice, be it desktop, laptop, iPhone or tablet.

The VPN Unlimited service  is extremely cost-efficient  and is the most optedchoice for consumers’ online protection. Now, the service is available starting at only $1.99 for a vacation subscription.