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Simplify ASC Completes Its Acquisition of PhyBus RCM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

ASC is looking to take advantage of Simplify's new offering and will receive up to 40 percent of their first year of service.

FREMONT, CA: Ambulatory Surgery Center operators have a special hybrid offering to use. Simplify ASC completes its acquisition of PhyBus RCM, integrating the latter's revenue cycle management services with its proprietary EHR and Practice Management, offering to generate an operationally-focused solution for ASCs.

The company is incredibly excited about the wealth of ASC experience and RCM knowledge that the PhyBus RCM team adds. This acquisition immediately enhances the ability to work with customers on various problems that affect their bottom line every month – like cash flow, staffing, and process improvements. Unlike other offerings, the company bundles together three decades of surgery center operational expertise, its proprietary ASC EHR and PM software, along with RCM team certified on that software.

Simplify ASC made changes in the industry by releasing cloud-based practice management to add its digital patient chart, an EHR for surgery centers. PhyBus has continued to widen its client base and contributes an impressive legacy of developing and handling ASCs. As part of that service, the PhyBus RCM channeled its operational history to enhance its customers' cash cycle, collections, and reimbursements.

It takes expertise and systems functioning together to remediate the deeper, complicated problems facing the industry. Surgery center teams don't have the time or resources to take all the actions to succeed. ASCs that need to enhance their cash flow and are cost-conscious will be the company's customers the most. Through its combined efforts, the company will give back valuable time and offer maximum cash flow, so administrators and teams can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

For ASCs that need professional cash management while upgrading their center software, the company believes there is no better solution than Simplify. The company is pleased with how well these two firms complement one another and expect a favorable market response.