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Single-System ERP for Multiple Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 30, 2016
Jay Deakins, Founder and President of Deacom

Jay Deakins, Founder and President of Deacom

CHESTERBROOK, PA: Deacom has been chosen as the most appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider by FutureCeuticals, manufacturers of substantial portfolio of nutritional food products and cosmetics for its impressive performance advantages. Deacom, a complete ERP software provider for process manufacturing companies, seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company and helps streamline business operations.

“As our industry is constantly evolving it was absolutely challenging to connect different aspects of our farming, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, marketing, legal, clinical R&D and quality platforms,” says Jeff Van Drunen, President of FutureCeuticals. “Deacom and their Kaizen model meet our needs exactly and are the perfect fit for enabling FutureCeuticals to compete globally on a higher level and adapt to regulatory developments.” Deacom’s ERP software takes a proactive approach towards the development of business operations by providing complete visibility and transparency into the entire operations—ensuring safe food supply, and also maximizing productivity and profitability.

The firm’s ERP software is specifically designed for food manufacturing, which integrates accounting with inventory, sales, purchasing, and production functions, without the intervention of the accounting personnel. With a single, unified database to store data for various functions, Deacom exceeds the expectation of its clients as an ERP provider by supporting before, during, and after implementation with a predictable cost of ownership. Focusing on advancing their software, the firm aims to stay abreast with the rapidly changing customer needs and technology trends.

Exercising the Kaizen philosophy, Deacon’s team of ERP artisans work to roll-out added features and enhancements to their software. This would not only improve operational performance, but would also meet regulatory compliance and maintain a high-level of quality, safety, and transparency within their ERP data.