Singletrack To Accelerate Its Global Expansion With Investment From Accel-KKR
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Singletrack To Accelerate Its Global Expansion With Investment From Accel-KKR

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Accel-KKR's capital investment will enable Singletrack to accelerate its global expansion plans.

Fremont, CA: "As the capital markets grow in opportunity and complexity, we are poised for aggressive market expansion. This investment from Accel-KKR is a great catalyst for Singletrack and our mission." comments Stuart Berwick, co-founder, and CEO of Singletrack. Accel-KKR, a major technology-focused private equity firm, has made a significant capital growth investment in capital markets, client engagement, and analytics expert company, Singletrack. The investment will allow Singletrack to accelerate its expansion into global markets and execute smart mergers and acquisitions. Singletrack, founded in 2009, is an engagement, research management, and analytics platform designed specifically for capital markets, enabling clients on both the buy and sell sides to maximize revenue, efficiency, and profitability.

The origins of Singletrack lie in finance markets. Stuart Berwick and Paul Dyson, the company's founders, have decades of expertise driving innovation at multinational investment banks. The Singletrack was created in 2009 as a revolutionary solution to capital markets CRM. Singletrack's sell-side platform uses assets and information for sales and trading, research, events, and corporate finance, utilizing an assortment of innovative techniques, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover deep client behavior insights and inform client strategy. On the buy-side, the company provides a vendor relationship platform that captures all types of contacts with brokers and other research providers, organizes voting and contracts, and more. The resulting data informs research acquisition strategy, vendor management, and research funding distribution.

“Singletrack recognised early on the potential in combining on-demand technology and advanced analytics for a purpose-built CRM solution for capital markets. Seasoned leaders like Paul and Stuart draw on deep experience within the global investment banking industry and their informed approach has differentiated the company, propelling Singletrack to the forefront of financial CRM tools and positioning it to capitalise on a fragmented marketplace. We are excited to partner with Singletrack as they grow,” comments Phil Cunningham, Managing Director at Accel-KKR and Lead for the firm’s Emerging Buyout Partners fund.