SIOS Announces the Release of its Machine Learning Analytics Solution SIOS iQ v3.5

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fremont, CA: SIOS Technology Corp. has announced the release of its latest machine learning software, SIOS iQ. Touted as the only product that can automatically diagnose and recommend solutions for issues related to application performance in the virtualized environments, the SIOS iQ v3.5 delivers unmatched accuracy in capacity utilization and performance root cause analysis for VMware environments.

The machine learning analytics solution includes dashboard enhancements for enhanced usability along with a graphical topological impact view that enables faster identification and issue resolution. "Legacy monitoring tools provide data about individual objects, such as CPU or capacity utilization). When a performance problem arises they leave IT staff to compare data points to make educated guesses about both the root cause and potential solution,” says Jerry Melnick, SIOS president and CEO. The tool is proficient in eliminating guesswork by precisely identifying the cause behind the problems by recommending specific steps that aid in resolving the issues.

The features of SIOS iQ Version 3.5 include Capacity Forecasting and Enhanced Root Cause Analysis. The capacity forecasting analysis feature optimizes the infrastructure and provides forecasts on capacity utilization to optimize the storage capabilities, helping a client in maintaining a predictable budget. Meanwhile, the enhanced root cause analysis feature provides a detailed description of the topology of the affected objects in case of an infrastructure related performance issues. A single click topological behavior analysis enables a client to look at the root cause of performance issues without resorting to the manual parsing of detailed data logs or compiling of charts.

The SIOS iQ version 3.5 is a host-license based product with renewable subscriptions and a 24X7 support, wherein the new features and updates will be delivered through a built-in automatic product update feature. SIOS iQ provides companies with a powerful machine learning analytics tool that allows them to transform humongous volumes of data about virtual infrastructure into easily understandable actionable insights.