SIOS iQ Helps in Achieving Greater Virtualization: ESG Lab

By CIOReview | Monday, November 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Enterprise Strategy Group Lab validates that SIOS iQ and FlashSoft improves the performance acceleration in virtual environments by a wider scale.

ESG Lab has found SIOS iQ Machine Learning Analytics leveraged SandDisk’s Flash Soft Software to deliver a analytics driven server acceleration that provide administrators and businesses a time saving easy deployment of application in virtual environments with accurate performance and a cost-effective solution for scalable storage acceleration.

ESG confirms that SIOS iQ software identifies the right virtual machine for performance acceleration using SanDisk FlashSoft host-based caching software, Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators and SanDisk enterprise SAS and SATA solid-state drives. It enables IT staff in identifying and addressing root cause of application performance issues and maximize performance by optimizing cache configuration.

ESG Lab has reviewed the performance, efficiency and reliability that are provided by SIOS iQ analytics platform for IT environments. It uses advanced machine learning to minimize false positives and provides key information in an easy-to-use graphical dashboard, aiding cross-correlation and issue resolution across thousands of objects in the environment. It also recommends the amount of cache to be added and estimates the delivered potential performance gains.

ESG Lab has configured the FlashSoft caching software with SIOS iQ and noticed a dramatic increase in the performance accelerations that provides a cost-effective solution using flash storage arrays or systems with solid-state drives as caching tier.

“ESG Lab confirmed that SIOS iQ provided accurate, actionable intelligence on application and server performance,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “By using SIOS iQ to guide SanDisk FlashSoft deployment, administrators can save time and money by quickly identifying which applications will benefit the most from host-based caching, and configuring the environment for optimized efficiency. The SIOS PERC Dashboard provided clear and concise server-by-server IT operations analytics and illustrated the specific performance improvements that caching could deliver.”