SitePro Releases iOS App to Manage Oil and Gas Facilities
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SitePro Releases iOS App to Manage Oil and Gas Facilities

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 19, 2020
Aaron Phillips, President & Co-CEO

Aaron Phillips, President & Co-CEO

Have the power in hand to manage facilities from anywhere using the SitePro mobile app.

FREMONT, CA: Sitepro is one of the leading digital oilfield and fluid management companies that specializes in offering automated solutions for both upstream and midstream oil and energy industries throughout the United States. The company addresses the needs of the energy industry, and is run by a team that understands the oilfield thoroughly and the need to reduce cost while increasing efficiency and production. SitePro kicks off 2020 with exciting news, announcing the release of SitePro Mobile for iOS. A mobile app will allow companies to integrate technology into their operations. In the palm of one’s hand, the users have the power to manage facilities in new ways from anywhere they have a network connection.

The solution is easy such that once the users are connected to SitePro Mobile, there is no need to use one’s browser remotely to access their operations on their phone. With a sleek modern interface, the user will be able to look at real-time data, receive notifications of alarms, and access live security footage of their facility, along with many more features.

With a big announcement like SitePro Mobile, the company throws a launch party to celebrate. SitePro’s flagship product is centralized all data collected by various sensors and devices from remote sites and facilities. With SitePro, “C-suite level executives can not only track oilfield data but also analyze them and gain advanced operational insights in real-time, which in turn allows them to make the best business decisions and operational changes,” explains Phillips, president, and co-CEO of SitePro.Top Oil and Gas Technology Companies

Today, SitePro’s product and service solutions have helped Oil and Gas companies to reduce their operational expenditures by almost 80 percent. Through its delivery, SitePro creates a long-standing impact on Oil and Gas customers.

Sitepro was featured in CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising Oil and Gas Solution Providers 2019.

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