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Six Breakthroughs That Will Transform the Tech World in 2019

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver substantial opportunity. One may have never been in an era of rapid technological change and of course but there is more on its way. The continued rise of cloud computing, Internet of Things and AI are among the significant tech trends of 2018. A few more advances are coming in 2019 that can transform the marketplace and consumer tech reality.

1. Open-source Fragmentation

There is an inflection point with Open Source. For instance, Oracle is going with a more commercial approach towards java which will cause fragmentation for java developers. Apart from this, many database companies are planning to change their licensing terms and open source models, which will affect the cloud players who were benefitting from this software. In 2019, developers will be challenged to determine which open source platform they must adopt that will match all their needs and work cohesively with the existing technology.

2. Kubernetes is still on the rise

Kubernetes is still in its infancy stage, and as the software ecosystem grows which includes training, tracing and cloud monitoring in 2019, it will become the operating system as one move to cloud 2.0, which is the next phase of cloud technology that is business-driven and intelligent.

3. Serverless Technologies

CIO and CTO of organizations are evaluating serverless technologies, but a significant constraint preventing its adoption is the potential of vendor lock-in and unknown variables. But in 2019, the mystery around serverless technologies will lift and lead to broader adoption. Soon businesses will witness an emerging ecosystem of supporting technologies develop as microservices will put forward a new type of cloud operating system.

4. Implementation of Multi-cloud

As providers start innovating before standardizing process and interoperability, problems tend to arise in a multi-cloud environment. For instance, many social media giants have their messaging systems and the applications developed does not just move to another without changing. These issues will come to light soon, and users will face problems before true interoperability is achieved in a multi-cloud deployment.

5. AI/ML Technologies

Industries are still figuring out where and how to implement AI/ML technologies and are also planning on what questions to use to train their AI/ML algorithms. However, 2019 will see the academia and business working together to develop a trusted approach to developing AI/ML for the future.

6. Data Quality

Data remains a problematic part of AI and is a barrier to effective training methods and truly trusted outcomes. But, 2019 will witness data systems coming under greater scrutiny within the enterprise as data grows in value and there is also an urgent need to address data quality across the board to better leverage AI/ML technologies.