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Six Major Advantages of IT Service Management

By CIOReview | Saturday, November 14, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Today, businesses are depending more on their internal IT teams to provide vital business services and functions in their everyday operations. More IT organizations adopt IT service management (ITSM) best practices and ITIL® framework to address businesses’ changing requirements.

Here are six benefits of implementing ITSM by IT organizations:

Lower Operational Costs

IT service management can help IT organizations scale their operations seamlessly with automated features that minimize the operator’s manual workload.

Optimize Accountability Through Standardization

IT service management standardizes service delivery within the business by utilizing IT service desk and formal documented processes for delivering different IT services. It also allows IT managers to monitor the actions of operators and how incidents or service requests are handled.

Enhance Visibility into Operations

IT and business strategy need to be aligned in IT service management to make sure that the business knows what activities are being prioritized in IT operations at any given time.

Better Accountability within Business Functions

IT service management comprise of processes for tracking activity on the organization’s network and IT infrastructure as well as identify breaches of the company’s security policies.

Optimize Efficiency

IT service management has numerous features to help organizations optimize their resources. IT asset management is a set of processes used to maximize IT assets’ life cycle management and identify the most cost-effective strategies for asset buying and disposition.

Optimize Effectiveness

IT service management structures and processes help formalize systems that boost improvement when deployed effectively. Structured incident response can lower the average resolution response time and mean time. It also focuses on crisis management to lower mean time to recover (MTTR) when a service interruption happens.