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Six Tips for Protecting Your Privacy from Hackers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cloud computing is a boon to the numerous organizations, startup and the world of technology for obvious reasons.  The fluid information exchange and the 24x7 accessibility to data, allow firms to operate conveniently. Despite the advanced features, organizations don’t take appropriate measures due to which they might have to compromise with their data. The vast amount of data in the cloud lures hackers which lead to information breaches. Let’s have a look at few tips that ensure the security of data on the cloud.

• Local Backup

 Local backup is one of the most significant precautions that an organization has to take towards cloud data security. It is recommended to have electronic copies of the data, in case the original one gets lost or corrupted. Losing data files may lead to financial loss, and may also attract legal action.

• Avoid storing sensitive information

Many organizations are refraining from storing confidential details like personal data on the servers. Compromising on such data can be troublesome for an enterprise. Social media giant Facebook was dragged to the court due to the data breach of the users.

• Encryption is a must

It is beneficial to encrypt data before uploading the files into the cloud to protect it from threats and unwanted hackers. Using local encryption as an additional layer can be an added benefit. A zero-knowledge proof is a methodology in cryptography where the data can be protected from the service providers and administrators themselves.

• Robust and Reliable passwords

Go for passwords which are not predictable. Also, go for a two-step verification process to enhance the security level of the data. Passwords must be changed at regular intervals to keep the data more secure.

• Additional security measures

 Apart from encryption and strong passwords, organizations must focus on other aspects too. Therefore, the cloud must be secured with admin controls, antivirus programs and other features that help in protecting data.

• Test your security

 Testing includes examining the cloud to observe how well it is performing in association with its security setup. An organization can go for hiring ethical hackers to test the system’s security level, and this will help to find out the loopholes that are responsible for hacking from unknown sources.

Cloud storage has its sets of advantages, but the security assurance is not guaranteed. But adopting few security measures as mentioned above can help to safeguard the data in the long run and maintaining safe files on and off the cloud.

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