SkiniVision's Latest App Detects Skin Cancer Possibilities

By CIOReview | Friday, September 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA:Today every step in an individual’s daily activity is managed through apps from shopping to taking doctor’s appointment.  Now comes an app from a digital health startup company- SkinVision, which is taking medical industry one step forward which allows individuals to keep track on changes of their moles for skin cancer reports Natasha Lomas for TechCrunch.

The works based on vision algorithm technology which helps smartphone detect skin irregularities, analyzes non-natural growth such as melanoma, which works on mathematical methodology in biology called fractal geometry.   “Skin cancer grows fast and potential threats are identified based on signs of non-natural growth,” says CEO Dick Uyttewaal.

How it works

The app takes picture and analyses the mole and gives instant recommendations. It archives the pictures to keep tab on the changes over time and share it with doctor. The moles are rated based on traffic light system, that is the skin damage is ranged from red, orange or green lights. This will help the users to understand the problem and approach appropriate doctor for immediate results.

SkinVision takes financial support from European Pharmaceutical firm LEO Pharma, who focus on dermatology.  They are also a part of Personal Health Solutions Capital, a Dutch investment firm focusing on consumer-centric digital health solutions.