Skycure Collaborates with AirWatch to Join Mobile Security Alliance

By CIOReview | Monday, October 5, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: Skycure, provider of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), is connected with the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance as a charter member.

With this integration, Skycure gets the right to progress the Mobile Security Alliance and in this process, the company has launched the advanced integration of Skycure MTD with AirWatch by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The new integrated solution features active threat defense for completemobile security and allows automatic deployment of Skycure across mobile devices in the organization. Also, it enables enterprises to define custom security and agreement policies in Skycure and AirWatch, identify and diminish multiple types of threats, like network attacks, malware attacks and vulnerabilities, increase flexibility, implement coarse policies, like restricting access to corporate network, install or remove configuration profiles, block or remove managed applications, change settings and even wipe the device in extreme cases.

“Skycure was created to enable business and mobile connectivity but still keep corporate assets safe. With this integration, IT can create policies that block access to sensitive company data for those specific devices, or cut devices with malware off from corporate email without any manual intervention,” says Adi Sharabani, CEO, Skycure.

Moreover, Skycure for AirWatch fills the gap between the muscle power of EMM and the intelligenceof Mobile Threat Defense. It keeps companies ahead of hackers for both BYOD and corporate-owned devices.