SkyGiraffe pacts with AirWatch for Better Enterprise mobility Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SkyGiraffe and AirWatch works together towards securing and simplifying the Mobile application. The deployment of SkyGiraffe apps via Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution like AirWatch leads to automatic configuration and Security of the app, encouraging users to effortlessly access the apps.

SkyGiraffe provides enterprise-grade platform to connect and aggregate data using cloud. Further it configures the data and allows the clients to publish new apps whilst Airwatch is an enterprise mobility management provider. With AirWatch, SkyGiraffe can effortlessly deploy configure, secure, manage and support smart devices.

SkyGiraffe enables enterprise to quickly deliver mobile apps, overcoming the traditional approach. These apps sports the ability to read and write from REST APIs such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Service Now, and TeraDataOne "We are excited to welcome SkyGiraffe's mobile application development platform to the ACE community," asserts Mimi Spier, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development, VMware and leader ACE.

EMM solutions offered by AirWatch aims to compile all the mobile assets in one console and the platform merges with existing enterprise and allows managing all the devices across any type and platform under one console. "SkyGiraffe completely changes how enterprises transform into mobile-first organizations” says Boaz Hecht, Co-Founder and CEO at SkyGiraffe.

SkyGiraffe platform offers integration with SaaS apps; on-premises apps and database services in order to ensure a fast, optimal user experience. SkyGiraffe apps are native on iOS, Android and Windows Phone to ensure a fast, optimal user experience. They offer full access to native device features such as 3D Touch, TouchID, gestures, camera, GPS, contacts and push notifications. SkyGiraffe delivers an unprecedented level of security plus speed. Clients are able to take full advantage of the AirWatch stack - building apps on secured devices, and scaling apps to meet enterprise needs.