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SkyTouch Agrees to Interface SkyTouch PMS with WindsurferCRS

By CIOReview | Monday, March 28, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ & HOUSTON, TX: SkyTouch Technology, a premier cloud based Property Management System (PMS) has recently announced about the WindsurferCRS interface with PMS on signing an agreement with SHR, a leading provider of advanced distribution technology services for hospitality industry.

The SkyTouch PMS is built to assist hotel and restaurant owners to seamlessly manage their operations, enhancing their guests’ experience and maximizing their profitability. For this specialized goal-oriented purpose, the company has interfaced PMS with SHR’S WindsurferCRS.

“SkyTouch is market-driven and solution-oriented. Today, hotel operators want the flexibility to broaden their hotel’s technology ecosystem to help drive better distribution and revenue generation,” said Jonah Paransky, CEO, SkyTouch. “Based on customer feedback and market research, Windsurfer was a strong and logical next choice to add to our CRS interface options.”

WindsurferCRS is one of the top web-based Central Reservation System in the hospitality industry which provides powerful rates and inventory management across all distribution channels, group and dynamic package reservations and robust reporting.

“Convergence of systems and functions is a reality in our industry and the benefits it brings to hoteliers is exemplified by our integration efforts with SkyTouch. We are looking forward to the innovative solutions that will come out of this relationship between partners with a common vision,” said Rod Jimenez, CEO, SHR.