SlashDB: Connecting Data to Web

By CIOReview | Monday, July 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: SlashDB aims to make software more palatable for all those organizations with existing IT assets, believes Marc Andreessen in an article in, asserting that software is indeed eating the world.

SlashDB, a product that purports to turn any data source into accessible XML, JSON, or HTML, is created by a programmer Victor Olexto to solve the issue of the critical applications that sits on old-school databases and to reach every record in a database easily with an intuitive hyperlink.

John Biggs in an article in Techcrunch has analyzed that SlashDB is a middleware platform which automatically constructs RESTful web services out of relational databases so their content becomes accessible for reading and writing.  

“It is an automated web API for databases. By using SlashDB, organizations can make every record in their legacy databases reachable by a hyperlink,” says Olex.

Describing its qualities, he adds, “Organizations can build a web or mobile presence with nothing more than a backend database. SlashDB works by creating custom URLs that call individual data points from the database within which they are stored.”

With SlashDB, organizations can mobilize and integrate their existing applications at low cost and, most importantly, low levels of complexity.

Salient features of SlashDB are, it securely connects databases to HTML5 and mobile applications with API on the Fly; multiply returns on investments made in databases and legacy client-server systems, expands business by offering clients and partners API to your data assets, and triumphs over internal data silos and empower analysts to engage with unobstructed data.