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SMA Technologies Upgrades its Workload Automation Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, August 23, 2019

With technological advancements, the recent version of OpCon 19.0 has robust operating capacities to streamline automation management. 

FREMONT, CA: OpCon 19.0, the recent version of Houston, TX-based SMA Technologies’ workload automation platform, will automate manual tasks and further enhance workload automation.

As the number of IT systems in the cloud that link apps, desktops, laptops, mobile phones continue to grow, the company procedures needed to handle these systems create a strain on IT executives to handle job orders and eliminate errors. Workload automation automates many of these labor-intensive functions, reducing expenses and response time, and improving efficiencies while empowering IT staff to carry out the higher-level job.

The new OpCon 19.0 workload automation platform is built on its predecessors' achievement with several essential enhancements intended to make navigating OpCon simpler and more effective. With the launch of OpCon 19.0, UI is being revised to provide improved user experience, as well as current technologies and choices driven by customer feedback were taken into account by the organization to stay ahead in the workload automation landscape.

OpCon 19.0 provides more robust operating capacities to streamline the administration of automation. OpCon environments are simpler to handle with actions at the date level that can cancel or keep employment worth a whole day at a moment. In all planned employment, the Solution Manager also offers critical metrics. Finally, an overview of each day's run for easier troubleshooting and trend identification is shown in the daily history perspective.

OpCon 19.0 provides Microsoft SQL assistance for Linux (RHEL 7.4). This is a component of a more significant movement across the board to promote Linux, further increasing OpCon's reach and effect. The OpCon API has been added to all the features and capabilities of the Solution Manager. Additionally, the OpCon API can manage the dependencies of daily resources, thresholds, and expressions.

The 19.0 release improves on Deploy, which debuted in version 18.3, the change management module. OpCon Deploy features cross-release support, enabling scheduling of all supported releases including OpCon 18.3 and 19.0. New for 19.0 is a package change: batch deployments can be canceled in the Deploy interface, and consistent schedules won't be updated, reducing overhead and keeping the history of the version simple. Moreover, checking programs in Deploy removes them for better version control from their source setting. Finally, unique color palettes, as well as new font styles, were added to better align with the SMA Technologies brand.