Small Business to Benefit from Verizon's Offer on Free FiOS Internet-Speed Upgrade

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New York, NY: Free symmetrical Fiber Optic Service Internet - speed upgrade; Verizon Communications extends this brand new offer for small business enterprises which is valid till June 27, 2015. Verizon, a provider of superior wireless, fiber optic and global IP networks, had kick started the idea of making symmetrical FiOS Internet accessible for small to medium business (SMB) customers back in the year 2014.

A small business owner who subscribes to this offer of Verizon’s FiOS Internet and voice bundle with equal upload/download speeds of 50 Mbps will enjoy all the benefits by only paying the price of a 25/25 Mbps service with an agreement of two years.

Since FiOS are much more expensive than cable networks, small businesses were not able to afford such extravaganza. Now with this offer, Verizon opens new possibilities by supporting future innovations in communication and entertainment for small businesses with high speed, efficient, reliable and affordable internet.

With IoT being a burgeoning reality for small business, equal download and upload speeds will be playing a pivotal role in managing operations of a company. This offer intends to capitalize on the Verizon projections that by 2016, FiOS network will double the speed of upload activities. It can avert making delays in sending and receiving files even when multiple gadgets are connected.

In the mean while, Verizon has hired Ohad Zeira, formerly the head of Belkin's WeMo home-automation product line, to oversee the company's smartphone and home-automation efforts.