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Small Companies in the Big Data era

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The value of data in an organization reflects the profitability aspect of a business organization. In an age where major organizations deal with billions of data in their workspace, it is important to notice how small organizations thrive in this space. It is important to incorporate the management of data to ensure productivity and streamlined workflow. To adapt to the impact of big data in their organization, the small Enterprises have to avail services to survive in this fast paced IT landscape.

Cloud computing is the future of storing, managing and processing data through networking for the organizations. Instead of having a personal computer or a local storage system, data of the company is stored in a data center that helps in the management and business operations. Investing on third party service provider to offer their expertise on data center and cloud computing to manage data services is also a viable option for the small organizations in the global market today.

To analyze big data, organizations can also utilize online sources for enhancing their data processing services. The most popular choices in the platform are the Google Analytics, Facebook graph and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) that help the organization understand the customer preferences, provide data insights and also manage the business operations.

With a plethora of service providers in the world of big data, small companies can easily adapt and survive as long as there is a well implemented strategy to get data insights to enhance the performance of the company.   

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