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Smart Access Introduces Go-Roll How-to Videos, Equipping Retailers to Capture and Distribute Retail Training in Days

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Smart Access has launched Go-Roll.

FREMONT, CA: Smart Access is a software company with the primary aim of building an adaptive workforce via its mobile productivity platform, launches today Go-Roll at ShopTalk Meetup - North America's major conference to anticipate the future of retail. Go-Roll enables the retailers to gather, edit and distribute how-to video in just days so that the frontline workers can rapidly learn and adapt to the shifting standard operations procedures (SOPs), health and safety protocols.

"COVID has shed a light on just how long it takes to get new training to frontline associates on the store or warehouse floor," says Smart Access CEO Tim Regnier. "The lag time of traditional learning creation and distribution is a major barrier to retailers being able to adapt and compete, and keep workers and customers safe, not only during the pandemic but at the rapid pace of retail that has become the new normal."

Traditionally, it takes large retail organizations a minimum of six weeks to prepare the new learning content with another week or more to give that new training material to the frontline workers. This ample effort delays getting the knowledge out and can make retailers resistant to adapting and enhancing operations.

With Smart Access Go-Roll, the videos are kept secure in the application, and video creation and distribution takes five steps and just a few days:

• Learning or instructional leaders to prepare a shot list for the how-to video.

• The shot list is given to a frontline worker to capture mini video clips.

• The leaders view the shots, cut what's not useful, tag, and save them with not more than 30 words of explanation every mini clip.

• Leaders push on how-to videos to the store or warehouse floor.

• Frontline workers instantly access videos, and even usage is tracked.

"YouTube has shown us the power and popularity of short how-to videos, and Instagram stories have shown us how these clips can be rapidly made and shared," said Tim Regnier. "Not only do users love to consume them, they know how to create them. We've taken those signals from billions of users and developed safe, engaging, rapid corporate learning for retailers."